Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drunk rambling

One week in Denmark with the inlaws... I guess I should feel privileged, my mother in law confines in me things she doesn't do to others. I don't know if this is because I've been in the family the longest or because in fact she's the same age as my oldest sisters and thus I sort of know her way of thinking and treat her more as an older sister than a mother in law. I know I'm privileged in the way that whatever I do or think is ok with her, it's just that sometimes I'm stuck between the bark and the trunk and frankly, that's not a place I like to be. I can't go into details, you'll have to email or PM me to know more, this is the public intahnet after all. And this is the core of the problem; I don't firmly belong to any box or camp, thus I am assumed to belong to a number of ones. which leads to a key mystery to me.

Why is it that people choose to entrust me with private, personal details that I don't really ask for or feel the need to know? both offline and online... this tells me it can't be because of my nationality and heavens know it can't be because of any active actions( eagerness to know) or cuirosity(activily attempts at getting 'inside anyones heads'. Why do toatal strangers randomly approach me in bus ques, or on caf├ęs, or online forums approach me with their issues and 'secrets'? I have no formal education in psychology, I repeatedly and firmly claim to have any reason nor official education or any grounds what-so-ever to be able to give advice or help. In all honesty it scares me half to death!!!

God knows I'm no saint. I'm not really that nice, I'm stubborn as a mule, I'm rash and brutally honest, I'm 'loud' I've got a temper, I'm up like a leon and down like a rug (I can't for the life of me hold on to anger, even though I try to

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