Monday, July 2, 2012


Time for some Georg. I tried putting his bed mattress in a new place - out of the way a bit. Not happening. He wants to sleep in the middle of the room to ensure he has full visibility of everything happening!

 You think I iz gonna hide behind sofa? Think again, stoopid!


whaddya doin?

Aaaah, no camera, I iz shy!

Look, a flying elephant!

I hatez yo camera!

Forget bowls of water - I needz a bucket!

I gotz mad eating skillz. I can eat a slice of bread without loosing it, even once.

Now you see it

Now, you don't

 Now, you see it and then it was gone.
Not one crumble wasted. Mad skillz, I tell yah!

I'll put up some photos of the painted living room and the new curtains laters. Plus some summer flowers. 

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