Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some of the flowers up at Vintland

Been playing around with the camera trying to post some summery flowers to remind myself that it is in fact summer.

These were taken last weekend when we were up at the farm.
 Daisies and fire lilies

 Carnations. The white ones smells very nice. I think the pink ones are a type of mountain carnations. The Yellow crawlers are just that. I don't know their name, but they fill out the flowerbed and looks better than weed

 Pansies - survivors of some forgotten time. It's an open question each year about how many will show up and where.

 Some weed flowers are too pretty to get rid of. I don't remember the name of the top one, but the bottom one is a Columbine and they come in deep purple up to a very light purple/pink colour depending on the soil they grow in. I have deep purple in one flowerbed and these pink ones in the other.

 Blue irises. I caught a bumble bee busy-ing about. She didn't really have time for any photographers, but she agreed to letting me snap a shot of her as long as she didn't have to stop and pose - and no close ups!
 These are forget-me-nots. They are tiny and pretty and grow all over. I honestly didn't realize I had a top model sneaking into the photo until I got it on the computer and saw it... It's a larva for the yellow butterfly picture-link and we have a fairy tale about this little fellow. We call him measuring larva Morten (pronounced Moore-10) it was always fun to have him measure our fingers. 

 My red currants. Looks promising, right? Well, it's been like this the 3 previous summers as well, but hungry little winged critters have swarmed and eaten them the second they're ripe enough to make jam of >.< I am going to try one of those nets this year. My MIL and I make jam (or it's not jam, but jello) together and we're the sole provider of red currant jello for the entire family. We use it on sandwiches, but we also use it for dinner dishes, like you use apple sauce. 

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