Monday, July 9, 2012


There is something else about dogs. I don't know what it is, but I think it's the same way with cats. Most pets, really...well, who knows, I've only had cats and fish besides dogs. I don't think bird-sitting a canary for 4 weeks counts. I've only experienced it with dogs, of those - that something else.

Vera annoys me to no ends at times. I mean, She's exactly as a pup should be; restless, nagging, testing and whiny, but also sweet, naive, loving and waaay too curious for her own good.

And even so, there is that something else. A feeling of relaxation that is so much more than ordinary relaxation.

Went outside to have a sig on the steps and of course the seemingly sleeping Vera whined miserably wanting to come out with me. She rushed outside as soon as the door opened for her and whimsied around smelling the air and looking for everything and anything.

She cant's see the roe deer eyeballing her from up the hill a ways. She doesn't catch the scent. The deer eyeballs her a bit more, before twitching his ears and bending down to graze. He then continued on his path deliberately NOT hurrying. He was telling her he was walking his own turf, not in the least scared of her and Vera was even ignorant of his entire existence.

Vera walks up to me on the steps, rolls up at my feet and watches the world. All of the week's worry just dissipates in the wind. Poof. Gone.

 The mountain forest is a completely new world for a young pup. The sounds are different. There are trees with leaves that almost sing in the wind. The rustling of leaves are almost deafening up here. There are sheep baaing and strange birds chirping maddeningly loud.Vera didn't dare going for walks in the tall grass without Georg safely leading the way, until Sunday.

And the scent is unique. I can't explain it. You draw a deep breath of the mountain air and you know your lungs are sighing in relief. It's a clean type of air that smells of grass, flowers and forest. Mountain grass has a distinct scent. If you haven't experienced it, you've missed out on something very special.

I'm writing this accompanied by Georg's, and Runar's snoring and the radio playing Blame it on the Tetons

Relaxations. I am a very happy woman.

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