Friday, June 22, 2012

Thank god it's Friday!!!

There is a sneaky thief at large in my life. He(yes, I am darn sure it is a he. No, I don't have any specific reason, I just know, okay?!?) stole my energy. He stole our summer and now he's broken my washing machine. In the middle of a load of laundry. Don't you just love when that happens? Why does the washing machine always break when there is a lot of water inside that it refuses to empty?!? Naturally I called hubby after I had tried to switch programs and had fooled around with it for a bit without any success.

1st phonecall
Me: The washing machine broke
Runar: Pull out the plug and wait a bit, put it back in and restart it.

2nd phone call
Me: Didn't help
Runar: Perhaps there is something stuck in the filter.
Me: Yes, that is very likely as Simen had a pocket full of nails and screws in that pair of pants I washed yesterday.
Runar: ...
Me: I picked up every one I found when it was finished. I also turned the drum and it didn't make any screeching noises.
Runar: ..

Typical. The one time you decide to take a chance and not check the boys' pockets for things that doesn't belong in a washing machine, you get caught. Wet handed, so to speak. Ack! Should I make the boys wear pants that don't have pockets?

Actually, when i think about it, it may not be a thief. At least not an ordinary thief. Ordinary thieves don't steal summers. I bet it's that dratted imp again
He's got a D over his head for 'Douchebag'. I hatez his guts!

I need a thief-repellent, or an imp-repellent. Anyone knows about a good one?


 Have a fantabulous weekend, guys

PS! What is a wine slushie and how do I make it? I have a hunch I will need it tonight. It's raining cats and dogs, it's cold,  but I don't care. I have a feeling I'll be able to not only imagine, but feel the summer heat when I have drunk enough of those things

PPS!....or is it more an eating of, than drinking of?

PPPS! If you're coming to get me, please take me to a funny farm on a tropical island where they serve wine slushies. Thank you.


  1. Our dryer needs to be fixed... which is why we are cleaning out the garage this weekend. It squeaks something terrible when you put more than 1/2 a load of clothes in it. I blame myself for overloading it constantly for years. *sigh* I think we'll start hanging more laundry soon.

  2. Heh, yeah, I tend to overload both washing machine and dryer. Although I made sure we bought the types that are supposed to take big loads, I should probably reduce my loads by 1/3 or something.

    I have a new clothes rack - the umbrella kind like this one ( ) 3 years ago, but it hasn't gotten out of the shed yet. I offered to just put it up myself, but apparently you need to fill the hole with cement unless I wanted a clothes-rack-kite flying around the entire neighbourhood

  3. I think for a wine slushie, you could just freeze it in a freezer-safe container - it won't freeze totally so you can then mush up the results and tada! wine slushie

  4. Ahh, I like that idea a lot better than how Bloggess said she made them with an icecone machine. She makes slush and then just pour wine over.

    I don't have an ice cone machine. Well, I do, I got a snoopy one from my mom in Ohio, but it takes forever and a half to even cover the bottom of a glass =/