Friday, November 16, 2012

Hey, guess what?!?


I'm so looking forward to this weekend. I'm heading up to Vintland with Georg in an hour or two. This time of year, the cabin is *brrr* freezing cold and i want to get the fireplace lit and make it cosy warm for when hubby comes up tonight after work.

We're going to finish the last preps for my "Bjørkenisser" Christmas deco, this weekend. Bjørkenisser can be translated to  birch tree santas. They can be small ones like these >>>>>
Which are similar to the ones I'll be making, except that mine will be standing on a 'birch-plate' and there will be a cone acting as Christmas tree, too

Georg and I were out picking cones this week. They've been gently washed, rinsed and are now drying on a towel for them to open up and look like pretty little Christmas trees

I've also seen them BIG for outdoor decoration like 
<<<<<< these   

The Human Ethic's group I'm in, will have our Christmas deco work shop December 1st. I'll bring the props I used last year for making Christmas cards and the toilette-roll-santas, as well, but something tells me that the birch tree santas will be what most people will want to make.  When my kid sister noticed that she'll be working that day, I had to promise her we could make some, while we make scented candles on her day off.

 I'll be taking photos of how the birch tree santas are made step by step for those of you who would want to make them yourselves. They're easy, cheap - if you have access to a small birch tree - and they look and smell nice on a mantel piece or a shelf/table.

Funny how these types of preparations get me into the Christmas mood so much.

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  1. I did something stupid, editing. Tried to fix it and made it worse. Now it'll have to just look stupid... Happy weekend, folks