Thursday, September 10, 2009

One of those days... appears to be one of those. Well, I guess it started yesterday when hubby decided we ought to get drunk to celebrate him having two days off and especially since we were going to start our new and healthy life as non-smokers today.

So we did, we got drunk...or I got drunk and stayed up late...and even got online, fell into a discussion with two young friends about...corners(!) ai ai ai can't think about that too much...let's just say I'm seriously contemplating hibernation V_V

I forgot to close door to kitchen, forgot to put the pup out in the hall, forgot to put away the rest of the Jack Daniel and stumbled to bed. I did remember to set the alarm, just didn't wake up until it had been howling for 20 minutes with a hangover and panic and the sudden 'oh shi..., Olga!

But Lo and Behold, Olga hadn't done anything but being a sweet disciplined pup and had left no evidence of any 'crimes' like chewed up little pieces of leftovers and I could 'phew'! gratefully.

Then it was dripping meds in son's ears. One ear drip, drip, drip, drip.... "AAAAAAaaaargh! Mom that was not 4 drops that was like 4 rivers, you've KILLED me!!!" -here follows a convo btw son and mother starting with 'you'll live' following with more accusations of murder and ending with 'shaddap, you'll just get green warts growing out of them' ...and from the walls the faces of pedagouge gods and parental gods were frowning and tsk'ing while the demonic imp did a victory dance on my left shoulder.

Son goes to school and by now my brain wants to emigrate to somewhere outside my skull and my stomach wants to rid itself of poison, too sick to care I walks back to bed and says to the snoring back of my hubby. "I took care of your son, now you can take care of your own dogs, your turn to get up!"(this is another funny thing, it's 'my' kid(s) and 'our' kid(s) when proud and positive and exclusively 'YOUR(S)' when not) Hubby answered with more snores, but I took that as a positive YES! and keeled over.

Two hours later I wake up by hubby cussing "YOU DIDN'T LOCK UP THE PUP!" chasing the pup off his feet, one alarm clock and one cellphone ringing insanely AND while the pup - now extatic that both her humans are alive and awake - runs in circles, an unpleasant fishy odor is noted by both hubby and I. O.O

"She ate Bob?" hubby's eyes grow wide...(and heeey, isn't that amusement gleeming in them!?!)

Bob is our humongously big mutant veil tail gold fish, and apart from being a mean mo'fo' who's eaten all the other fish and two plants, he looks pretty healthy with his bright orange color and long veiled tail fins. And he won't die! My daughter - who is the official owner and reluctant cleaner, has done all the maltreatment she's been able to get away with and he's survived them all, not to mentioned her WISHING him dead for the last year and a half... was he now eaten by Olga?!?

...and no, Bob was happily swimming around in his bowl, with poodles of water decorating the table around it, so there’s no question that she did try to eat him. …but the box of fish food flakes were no longer....<_<>couch, chair, carpet covered in red, green and yellow fishy-stinking flakes, like confetti.

Oh, and we forgot to buy coffee, so no smoke and only instant coffee. Just one of those days….

BUT not a single puff of smoke, yet!


  1. Yep... it has been one of those days. Hope the rest of the day goes well and doesn't get crazier.

  2. Yeesh.

    Better to just crawl back into bed, pull the blanket over your head and pretend the world does not exist.


    Hope you are feeling better by now.

    And good luck with the smoking! Keep me updated on how its going!

  3. Sweet! Glad the day got better! You need to improve it by posting some pics to TBF cause you are adorable and just need to. :p

  4. -snort- ja ja

    I know, I should have gotten those pictures uploaded since July...but...Oh, look! -points finger-


  5. Hahaha, what a lovely morning.

    Wow you quit smoking? How's that working out for you? *admire*