Friday, September 18, 2009


Kris, it's not working out Y_Y I fail at this so bad *bangs head* it is so annoying *kicks something*

I'm like Queen of bad excuses...<_<. I did fine a for a few days, then Runar came up with this grand(!) idea that he was going to start smoking a pipe instead of cigarettes and he wanted me to do the same. It wouldn't be the same as smoking, he claimed, because it would be too embarrassing to do it anywhere but hidden away at home. <_<. pfft, jah!

After having watched him butcher his pipe for half the evening (and after half a bottle of wine) The Cara blurted out. "If you're going to smoke a bloody pipe, then at least do it properly! Now watch me!" This idiot-cow then did the unthinkable. She showed him. She stuffed the pipe, lit it and showed him how to use the thumb, or a matchbox or something similar to ...get it going. @_@...

I's sick! I swear I think there is a very old devious imp inside me that pops out every now and then and do these truly obnoxious things. I have never smoked a pipe in my life before that, and never will again!!!! My excuse - when it dawned on me what I was doing...because Runar was on the floor howling with laughter - was to explain that both my dad and grandad used to do so and ...well...I don't know -_- eitherwho from there to smoking cigarettes happened in no time...

AAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so weak! I'm going to try again...*sighs* I WILL make it. WILL WILL WILL...

(Edit note: it annoys me that I keep loosing half my posts because I use 'emoticon-stuff'...yes I'm a slow learner*grumbles*)


  1. Awww...

    So...when the time is right try try try again.

    Dont get down on yourself - that wont lead anywhere.

    Im gonna try and quit (again) when i get back home in a week or so.

    Prolly try the patch.

  2. Thanks. I will try and try again until I make it!'s still annoying, I didn't have any problems quitting while I was pregnant... I'll try the patch too.

    I'll follow up and support you when it's your turn.

    Send me strong happy thoughts ^__^

  3. I totally know the feeling. It sucks ASS.

    Poor baby.

    Evidently there's something about "starting over again every day, practicing being a non-smoker." BLargh.

    I need a cig.