Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's that time again


This year both our sides decided that we'd only buy presents to those under the age of 18. Great decision! It means we have only one third presents to buy, which goes really well with a not so full wallet. It was also decided that the Christmas Eve dinner party was to be held at my brother in law's place. All of hubby's family plus the parents of the hostess will be there. Of course they still want to have the traditional moose roast + roe deer thigh roast (have no idea what this would be called in English) so Runar will be the cook and I will have to make the gravy/sauce when I get up there right before dinner is served.

...I'm so laid back this Christmas it's scary. It's like too perfect to be true! I mean, there's no stress, no panicky cleaning, no making lists and checking and rechecking them. No desperate hunt for that last present for that stupid person you always end up forgetting to buy to until the very's too easy!

I'm having this feeling of having forgotten something important and that feeling that something not nice is waiting to hit you in the face with SURPRISE! Hah, got you! sign that then continues to inform you that the world will indeed stop turning and you will absolutely without a doubt ruin the entire universe and not in any way possible will you be able to fix this! You know that feeling?

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