Thursday, December 3, 2009


There is a soft carpet of white outside my windows. Snow is a fascinating thing. It softens the sounds, the stark blackness of bare wooden limbs and gray rock is hidden under this soft carpet of white. It's beautiful, breathtakingly so.

I haven't gotten much of the Christmas deco out yet. The box with all the stash is standing on the floor in the middle of my living room - yes, I'm a true masochist, I have it there to torture myself into getting it done....I just lack inspiration. -sighs- Still, I have one deco gizmo up. A humongous RED paper star with a light bulb inside. It's absolutely hideous. I think I'm on the infamous list of bad taste or something, toasted toads! I overheard Helene's friend comment on it today.

Maria: Damn! It's the Star! It looks even bigger from inside. Helene: I know my mom...

I'll have to get a picture taken and uploaded. ...did I mention it's a present from my sister? Yup! I got the biggest one, she told me.

But it's so butt-ugly I kind of like it. It's almost cute in a helpless sort of way. So, naturally I make a point of hanging it up XP lovely sense of humour, I know, I know...

Anywho, none of it matters, when you look out on that soft white landscape. It's instant peace of mind and soul. *huzzah*

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  1. I LOOOOOOVE the snow too!

    It started today for us. I think its gonna stick.