Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rolling up sleeves!

Exciting times ahead! Work training is starting next Monday, well the first 4 weeks will be classes and excursions, next 8 will be working at some local comp. Good thing is that they provide a bus, so instead of a one hour walk, it’ll just be a 10 min. walk. Hard thing is that it’s every day. I really, truly, desperately hope my body can cope. I want to complete, I want to be able to work at least part time, I believe I still have something to give.

I’ve started knitting. Woolen socks. Jada! My daughter wanted the first pair and demanded to choose yarn – of course she wanted a fairly thin 70% wool yarn that makes it a lot longer to knit, but Dog Gone it! I will get them done!

I’ve reached the part where you are supposed to turn the heel. I read and re-read the instructions about 10 times and it was still like reading Greek until I got a link from Sue showing a video of it being done and it helped A LOT, the instructions appear more like German gibberish now XP

I haven’t quit smoking yet. I’ve cut my smoking by more than half and the knitting is quite useful doing that and it isn't all that hard either. I am working on habits, or breaking them. The previous attempts at quitting have left me so tense and strung up, because I fooled myself into believing I could only sit down and relax if I had a smoke and a cup of coffee. I end up driving everybody else crazy by running around constantly having to do something until hubby is begging me to start smoking again….Now I go somewhere else to smoke when I need to, but the relaxing and sitting comfty with a cup of coffee is done without any smoke. Will it work? Time will show[in strong Norwegian accent]

Temps have gone up…well, they have risen to just around 30 F (-2 to 1 C) and I need to start talking walks again. It’s amazing how hard it is to get started again after 3 weeks of only walking to the store and back, irregularly I might add. But it’s one of those things I don’t really have a choice in. I can’t afford not to, simple as that. Besides after a week it becomes a habit I don’t need to think about anymore, it’ll become something you just do without really thinking about it. Working out/karate has always been like that for me. Starting up after summer vacation was a bitch when I was 16, it was a bitch when I was 25, when I was 35 and it still is. Soon as that first week has passed, it’s alright and you feel lousy when you miss out a day.

…wish it was like that with smoking. I’ve two friends who’ve quit and have been non-smokers for years, one says that I’ll be moody and feel like shit for 3-4 months, but then it gets better. The other still says she miss smoking every single day, but her stubbornness prevails the urge to light one…she quit 5 years ago.


  1. Wow, you're good! Knitting, starting the work thing, going for walks, working on breaking habits. I'm impressed.

    I'm trying to break habits too. It ain't working out too well. Hehe.

    When I quit smoking for 1,5 years, I didn't really have many problems. After the first few months I didn't want smoke, except sometimes when I drank, but it passed quickly. I was a nitwit to start again. i regret it every day.

    I love that it's a bit milder in te weather now. And today it's sunny as well! Wohoo! But they say it'll get colder again. I hope "they" are wrong.

    Also; red on black = HARD TO READ. I have to "select" all our text to be able to read your blog. Stupid NON-visually impaired person.

    Hope you're doing okay! Good luck with the knitting. And the work-trainy thingie. And everything.

  2. *THE weather and *YOUR text. Probably more spelling errors too. Too lazy to go through it all.

  3. Thanks, Kris. I gave in and spent some time trying to change layouts....as I truly stink at this, I am not sure if it got any better

    oh, UPDATE on the knitting - The heel is now rounded and done -beams proudly-