Thursday, February 18, 2010

Work 'training'

Was at an interview today and will start working Monday. Fun!

I'll be working 2-3 days a week for two months or 8 weeks first. What happens afterwards depends, but there are some possibilities and if I play my cards right, I might be looking for a steady job XD.

What I'll be doing...well, that also depends. The local museum has moved into new buildings and it's not yet finished. The museum is sharing 'space' with the local library and a culture-café and I'll be working in all these areas, plus I've been given the opportunity of developing brochures and folders for the museums articles etc and so on, this involves quite a bit of research and reading up - fascinating stuff!

The boss-lady wants the museum to be 'alive' There are plans for a work-area exhibition involving a local fishing boat and fishing equipment where the idea is that a group of pensioners make, repair and fix these things in a part of the museum. There are a work-shop for the local cultural school which is also used by lower elementary classes and day care centers.

Some of the work I will be involved in is to help come up with functional ideas of how to make the museum more 'available' for everybody - both locals and tourists, what means of advertising, do research and make description and a 'history' of the various artifacts and articles, which range from old fashion cutlery shop equipment and fishing and farm equipment and clothes, paintings to sculptures, various thematic exhibitions and herbs and plants used in medicine that are preserved and planted in special areas outside the buildings. Details and information of every article can be found in a database where people can look up to either just get a summary or to do a further study of them(I may be involved in doing translation work on this piece)

Of course I won't be doing more than a little scraping of the surface in those 8 weeks...BUT if I enjoy the job and they are pleased with my work there is an actual chance for me to expand those 8 weeks to 3 more months and if I get a deal that they will give me a steady jo, I can get 3 more months extra where the museum gets me for 'free' meaning the unemployment/social sec. department pays my wages ...anywho, the ball has been thrown and it's rolling, time will show where it lands


  1. ^__^ thanks. I hope it's fun too...guess I'll get to see today...slightly nervous, but that is as it should be. I hope I get two set days that I'll be working, I have a feeling that Mondays will be one of those days as that day is closed for the public and a day when you can get some work done without interruptions.

  2. Cool! This sounds awesome! Congrats.

    I've been busy and un-caught-up lately, so by now you've already worked for a while. How's it going?