Friday, March 19, 2010

Drat it

I love the job at the culture center, it's so much fun! Next month we'll be having a kindergarten exhibition and we've made a labyrinth in Styrofoam. Huge one, with little niches and 'secret' boxes. We're planning to put in various stuff and tasks the kids have to solve by stationing touch screen computers in the walls. Neat-o, no?!?

Wednesday we put up a thin acrylic wallpaper that we'll be painting white - just to make the labyrinth a little more solid. And we had meetings with the local fireman chief. The styrofoam, luckily, does not contain stuff that emits dangerous gases, but it is highly inflammatory, so...just pls cross all digits that we'll be allowed to keep it. It's just for a period of 3-4 weeks...walls, floor, ceiling are concrete, there are sprinklers in the ceiling. Yes it's inflammatory, but so is most of the old wooden stuff that is part of the museum's permanent exhibition...

The work is starting to take it's toll. It's so bloody annoying and unfair. Had to stay home Monday, my shoulder more or less locked up and I wasn't able to put on clothes. After Wednesday I've been a wreck with fever and agony. I'm contemplating putting in a slide in the staircase. If I'm upstairs and have left my cell downstairs, by the time I've hobbled down the staircase they hang up on the cell and call the landline. Of course by the time I reach it all I hear is that -click- as they hang up on that too. ...with a slide at least the trip down will be fun

I've tried to hide the physical effect this has had on me for hubby, and I thought I did a convincing job...

ME: "I'm a bit sore-muscled, but that's to be expected after putting up wallpaper. Only natural soreness, mind you, no fever!"

HUBBY: "Bwahaha!"

ME: "Huh?"

HUBBY: "My cute little idiot! You can hardly move and you're so burning hot you sizzle at touch, who are you trying to fool?!?"

ME: "..."

HUBBY: "kudos for enthusiasm in your lies...does it make YOU believe them?!?"

He thinks the whole working-idea is a bad one, but he knows I want it so bad so he's agreed to letting me try...but he insists his job is to drag my enthusiastic, optimistic self back to reality and keep me grounded. I wish I could say I didn't need him to, but...even I can't delude myself that much after psoriasis outbreaks and inflammations have been creating havoc with my body these past weeks

Got a doctor's app. later today. I will get some anti-inflammatory meds and hope that it'll do the trick. I am still counting on these things to be a phase that will disappear when I settle into a routine.


  1. Poor baby! :/ Sounds exhausting and hard. You're a good sport, keeping up spirits far better than most other people would. And at least it's cool that you enjoy the days you CAN work - that you like it there. Yay for that!

    I hope it all gets better sooon. Hang in there!

  2. Well, the doctor-lady chewed me out good for being an idiot. Got to love a doctor who spells it straight. I'll be a good girl and do what I'm told; I'm staying home this week!

    ...hmm...maybe I can catch up on some writing, could be fun