Tuesday, April 6, 2010

20 years

today 20 years ago I married my husband, Runar. I doubt anyone would have thought we'd still be married today :P ...I bet I'll still be married to him when another 20 years have passed. I mean what's the point of divorce now - we know each other so well there really aren't all that many issues left that we haven't figured out. The ones that ARE left are mostly the ones that makes life more ...interesting. One thing is dead certain. Life with Runar is never boring, might get a little too interesting at times, but hey, that's life, no?!?



  1. Congrats! I actually have seen a lot of anniversaries the past 2 weeks on FB and what not.

    Got me thinking about my anniversary... I'll just be at 2 yrs "officially" on Halloween. Long way to go to 20 but, Will and I have known each other and dated each other for the majority of 13 years now (with breakups in between). I can't wait till I can have one of those "big anniversaries"... I think we'll have to do something for it!

  2. hehe Court, if you've been together for 13 years more or less, that is quite an achievement that too!

    We are back home, it's always sad when we leave the mountain farm after a 'vacation'. Even though we are busy working either with repairs or logging, it doesn't feel like actual work, it's more like playing and having fun...at least we've still got the weekends to spend up there