Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall break

Schools are off this week and Simen is attending some computer game geek party thing that lasts most of the week. There will be adults and security, so they will be safe enough, although I doubt there will be much sleep.

I managed to do things right Friday, turned hubby's shifty mood and got to spend a wonderful weekend up at the cabin. He wont be working too late this week and also he's taking Thursday and Friday off w00t w00t

Have you noticed when you walk in the rain how the scents change? If you walk somewhere there are bogs etc it can smell rather nasty, but up in the mountains where there is generally a dryer climate, the scent is magnificent and pungent when raining, yet not nasty at all. I love to gently crunch a few leaves of Bog Myrtle or Sweet Gale - not sure what name you use. Their scent is for me a symbol of the mountain and the woods.

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