Thursday, December 23, 2010


  • Meat - check! Hubby had to buy the deer roast off one of his drivers, but we got it.
  • Christmas guests - check! Finally I know how many are coming. The number has been varying from 4 - 13 constantly the last few weeks, but has now settled at 10.
  • Gifts - check! Well...I forgot to mail my sister's and niece's gifts, so it's a huge MAYBE whether or not they'll reach them in time(Shame, shame, SHAME on me!) ...and I made my daughter play the ninja part in getting Grandma Crazy's gift smuggled into her mailbox late last night to avoid having actually meet and talk with her (What?!? She's a bona fide madwoman, I swear! She has Ol' Eric quivering in hell...besides, watching Helene trying inconspicuously - wearing a bright orange knitted cap down to her nose - to sneak up her driveway  to her mailbox was hysterically funny)
  • House - meh! The new curtains never happened, I had to wash the ones that I haven't had to sew and fix already. Since they have once been white and I couldn't use bleach without them dissolving completely, I now have yellowish curtains. Albeit clean nice-smelling yellowish curtains.
Getting our old double bed down from the cabin to put in the guest room for daughter and her bf never happened either, they'll have to settle for two single beds instead.

Hubby is stressed beyond belief, things are crazy at his job and he's been working overtime and will continue to do so, so I've had to take care of all the shopping and preparations alone. Wait, that's not true, my daughter did help me out yesterday. In addition to being a ninja she had to get out and push, shovel and sit in the back of the car with all the dog hairs, when I ended up stuck in the snow boarder or the snowdrift.

My brother in law lives on top of a steep hill. We drove up to deliver the gifts. We barely got up, but we did. And were mighty proud of ourselves.  Backing out of their driveway, down a little hill, I noticed that the rear window was too dirty to see through, but was too lazy to go out and clean it and took a chance.

Of course I failed! there's snow. Everything is the same shade of white; road, snowdrifts - the same. Got one wheel outside of the asphalt edge and the car was stuck in the snow. We got it out. No help from others, even tho I'm sure we entertained all the neighbours up there and I'll be hearing this for a long time when it reaches hubby's ears.

*sighs* I am getting stressed and I do stupid things. I don't really have a good reason for working myself up either, things will be alright, I know this, but my brainz is stoopid and syntax errors on me. I even sent gift suggestions for the kids to my daughter's cellphone instead of my sister's.

I don't yell when I'm stressed out, I just do stupid things and my kids are having the time of their life watching and hearing the stuff I do. We laugh a lot, it's just that things don't get done the way they should, which means I get behind and then I can't sleep. I end up worrying and mulling over the things I've done, and the things I haven't done, but should have, which of course makes me do even worse.

...and I do this every year! For 20 years! *groan* Somebody. Please. Leash me, drag me behind the barn and end my misery, already

Phew, okay, whining helped! Sorry guys.


  1. See, I told you guys, whining I therapeutic :-)

    Well, it sounds like you have a lovely Christmas planned and once the melodrama and planning chachacha is over, remember to enjoy it!


  2. You should patent the idea and get rich on it, Lorin ;-)

    Most of the chachacha is over and done with now and I can breathe again...I forgot the moose roast at my parents, but my kid sister will bring it over tomorrow morning - bless her