Friday, March 18, 2011

Changing our evil ways

It snowed again last night. I want to kill something. I had actually started to hope we would get rid of all the snow and ice. Early yesterday the sun was shining and it almost felt like spring. Ole Man Winter's sense of humour is rather mean if you ask me.

Runar has next week off. He's quitting smoking. I thought I would too, but Runar is convinced we'll kill each other dead if both of us quit at once...maybe he's right, I've wanted to kill him often lately They're having audit at work this week, he's been working crazy hours. I've been in bad shape aching bad and my psoriasis has been worse. Sleep deprivation hasn't made things better.

The other night I slept in the guest room. Runar changes into the Snoring Monster of Huge Moans most nights, He will quit breathing all toghether if he's sleeping on his back and I have to wake him or make him turn over. It's actually quite frightening to be honest and I've tried to suggest him seeing a doctor about it, but to no use. It's all in my head, says he. I'm exaggerating and making things up...I have about as much success in this as I have at keeping his feet off my half of the bed, or keeping his one pointy hard elbow out of my back. Too bad I don't bruise easily, or I'd have evidence to show him in the form of a black eye. Crashing into an elbow eye first is not a pleasant way to wake up.

Anyways, the other night he had alternated quitting breathing and gasping loudly for air. I was unable to fall asleep, aching, tired, annoyed and getting worse. My attempts at getting him to turn over had only resulted in him inching further over to my side of the bed. When he lay spread-eagle in the middle of the bed pushing my feet off the edge on MY side of the bed and with a satisfied sigh landed his hand in the middle of my face I'd had enough and


He sniffed offended, but crawled back to his side and lay on his side. This was around 2:30 am and I hadn't fallen asleep yet. Because of the aching joints and muscles I had problems finding a position where the pain didn't get unbearable, so naturally I tossed a bit. Side, back, other side, back. Whereupon that arse I'm married to sat up yelling at me for keeping him up all night. WTFH!?! I wanted to keelhaul him, skin him alive, wring him inside out and make him into a maggot. I didn't. I think it seemed like too much work at the time... Instead, I bit my tongue, got up and went to sleep in the guest room. I fell asleep quickly too. He apparently had barely slept at all. I'm afraid I did not feel particularly sorry for him...
and now we're quitting smoking. Should be fun :P

Eitherwho we're heading for the cabin today. We'll be drinking and smoking ourselves silly and sick, becoming the best of friends with abundance of love for each other, before we change our evil ways and start hating each other worse than ever...and hopefully become healthier and better persons in the long run.

... This song  is playing in my head "One of these days I'm gonna change my evil ways" Bon Scott is singing ..I think that day is here for the hubby and I


  1. You need to make the hubby see a doctor about the sleep apnea - it can be very dangerous.

  2. Thank you. Yes. Sue popped up on me telling me the same. And as I read up on Sleep Apnea it dawned on me that his maternal grandfather suffered the same. He has agreed to see a doctor. Now I just have to keep nagging until he actually makes an appointment.