Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cellphone blogging

Blogging from my cellphone is such a pain I can't quite express just how annoyingly difficult it is. The former 'So sad' post was such a blog. I'm sure it's cause I'm no good at these things and that my cellphone is crap, but seriously, why do they have to make it so much work?!? I managed to write half of the blog the first time, before I got 'the boot'. The second part I ended up having to write in notebook, then copy and paste it. Thank goodness for automatically save draft-option, because it wouldn't let me publish the darn post until the day after...

Other than that, it's a beautiful day, we've been using my gift certificate I got from translation work to update my wardrobe. Yayness!

Tonight Runar is taking me out for dinner on his boss' expense. I have to say that was a pretty decent thing to do. Hubby got a text from his boss: "You've worked late a lot, take your patient wife out to dinner and send the bill to me." Needless to say his boss has been married with children...


  1. yay dinner! Have a lovely evening

  2. We did have a wonderful time. Runar wanted to go to a place with a decent burger menu, which means a place that there is a lot of people drinking. It means saving your plate from drunks stumbling between tables, which is not so nice. Lucky me, though, Runar decided that the big dinner-paid-by-his-boss will be done another night at a place where you can get other meals than pasta and burgers. -whee-

  3. Awesome! Glad you had a great time!