Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter - a time for crime and stick bread

Easter is big up here. School's off for nearly two weeks and family gatherings at mountain cabins are a tradition. Another typical Norwish traditions is crime stories. I'm not sure where this came from, but every Easter we read crime stories or listen to or watch crime stories/shows. The old British classics with Miss Marple, Mr Poirot or the slightly newer Mr Daglish are always shown at least a couple of nights during the Easter holiday.

I'm reading 'Beneath the  Bleeding' by Val McDermid, but I'll probably go through at least one more of her books before Easter is over (I borrowed 3 of her books from my sister). As we don't have TV up at our cabin, I'll probably follow whatever Easter crime story the 'radio-theater' has put up this year as well. It should start tomorrow night and go on for about 3 or 4 nights.

Hubby and I are heading up to the cabin tonight and plan on staying there for the rest of this week. The son will be there during days working in the woods (As he has gotten an order for a 4 000 NOK worth of firewood already, he's got a lot of work ahead). He has however set his eyes upon this young girl he is working really hard on going steady with and has told us that he absolutely HAVE TO spend evenings at home, or else one of his buddies are going to 'grab' his girl of his dreams while he is out of town. So he'll be riding the bus back and forth - not sure how he'll have time for much sleep, but as he puts it: "I'm young and can sleep when I get old"

Daughter and her bf are going on a road trip to Sweden with friends. I hope they spend a day or two with us up at the cabin. I'm sure we'll have family visiting more or less daily up there, at least if the weather is nice. Outdoor dinners on open fire is another typical Easter tradition. Boiling egg in water with onion peels make the eggs yellow and if you put in a few juniper berries, they'll turn green. This will have no effect on how the eggs taste, mind you, just a little magic for the kids. hotdogs and sausages fried on sticks and 'stick-bread' is another must. 'stick bread' is dough wrapped around a stick or a hotdog/sausage and fried over open fire.

Easy to make and popular with the kids. Here's the recipe:

Stick bread

4 dl(deciliters or 400 grams) flour
2 ts baking powder (to make it rise)
2 ts sugar

1/2 ts salt
approximately 5 table spoons oil - olive or soy
approximately 1 1/2 dl (decilitre or 100 - 150 grams) lukewarm water

-mix the dry ingrediants and add the oil and water, work the dough until it is even and not too sticky. put it in a plastic bag and add a bit of oil to avoid it sticking. Find suitable straight sticks that are unbarked and sharpened in one end. Take a pinch of dough and roll it in your hands to a thick string, wrap it around the stick and fry, or 'impale' a sausage on the stick and wrap the dough around it and fry. Bon Appetite!

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