Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's that time of year again - yep, it's Moose Hunt weekend

The first day of the annual Moose Hunt is this Saturday. I think we're up for 3 animals this year. (I'm crossing all digits, hoping we get them all the first day) I'm not going to be a chaser this year. Laika and I will hold the fort,  mind the fireplace and make dinner for the ones who are participating.

My sister is picking up Simen at the LAN party as she got off work this morning and it's not that much of a detour, really. Then we're heading off to my parents to pick up the crib and high chair, etc and I'm off to the cabin to get the fire place going and make everything ready, while my sister picks up my niece, Trine and her son at the train station.

She wants to participate in a chase or two, hiking with Jarand in a carrier. Simen and Hildegunn will be helping taking turns with the carrier. Will make sure to take pictures. Trine was supposed to stay with my parents, but truth be told, they're just too old and not really fit to be hosts for toddlers for days on end. They'll end up utterly worn out and complete wrecks, so instead I've invited them to stay with me at the cabin until Saturday. Hubby will just have to swallow any grumpiness at me leaving a day early and at having two extra visitors at the cabin Friday night. (I've got to hand it to him, he's getting much better at handling things that he hasn't planned or been the mastermind behind, he only fumed for half an hour or so :P) Then she'll spend only two days at my parents, which they are really looking forward to and will be able to enjoy without it wearing them out totally.

I was lucky and was asked to mind(read borrow) my brother in law's car while they are on their 2 weeks honeymoon. That means I have a unique opportunity of getting about without depending on buses and me own legs.

Bought a starter oil-painting kit when my friend and I were in town yesterday. I'm planning on getting a few paintings done for the cabin. I'm not planning on doing some proper high class stuff that takes skills, just going to play around with colours and patterns. I've bought a few stretched canvas on frames, which are ready to be hung up on the wall as soon as the paint/varnish is dry. We're a few friends who will get together for an artsy day just for the fun of it. I've painted on glass and china, but never on canvas, so it'll be a first time for me.

Hope you guys have a great weekend.


  1. Mmmmm...moose meat.

    Mail me some? :P

    Hello. :)

    I am back in the blog world. :)

    Missed you!

  2. *huggles* Scott, buddy! Missed you too. Aand your blog *beams* best news of the week, fer sure!