Thursday, October 13, 2011

Okay, I've done it!

I've ordered E-Cigarettes online for hubby and I. I am taking some serious measures to stop smoking. We simply cannot afford it anymore, besides, I don't want to end up a wrinkled prune of a wreck in a wheelchair, hooked to an oxygen tank at the age of 50-something. Even if I end up being addicted to the E-Cigs, it's still less than half the price for the real deal and a whole lot less dangerous and harmful for me and the surroundings. I also need to stop drinking coffee after 6pm, which makes me wannna commit suicide and lay down to die, but that's another story...

Not sure when they get here, as the guy who imports these non-cigarettes are having issues with the custom authorities who have quarantined some of the gift-packages. Apparently the Norwegian authorities  are having difficulties deciding whether or not E-Cigs are actually tobacco products being disguised as non-tobacco products...yeah,the word: stooopid comes to mind, doesn't it?!?

I mean, the Norwegian health authorities have been doing their absolute best discouraging people from taking up the unhealthy, bad habit of smoking for years. And tried to make all of us stupid people already hooked on those damned cancer-sticks to quit for just as long. They've now prohibited stores from showing any tobacco-products being visible at all in all stores - they have to hide them in drawers or in special closets. They've raised the prices ridiculously high -  A pack of cigarettes now costs 100 NOK (that is almost 18 bucks) a pack of rolling tobacco now costs 200 NOK ($35).  Basically they're saying: "Yes, well, we can't forbid you to smoke, but we sure can make you bleed for doing it!"

It could, of course, also be that there is some especially smart authority guy going: "Heey, E-Cigarettes, now that is brilliant, they're the perfect remedy for helping people quit smoking.  And they're not even very expensive. No, this won't work! We - the authorities - ought to make money on this, not some lowlife caribou-farmer up north. Let's ban E-cigarettes from being sold by anybody else but us - The Government!"

If the latter, I can understand the reasoning, if nothing else, but I'm crossing all digits for the lowlife caribou-farmer up north who was ingeniously smart enough to understand that there is a lot of money in this product and turned around and set up a business for it. He deserves getting rich on this =)

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