Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blah, blah and blah

My town has finally put on her winter coat. It's been snowing almost non stop since Sunday. As it's been a few degrees below freezing, it's been those light flurries, which means we're not drowning in snow. It stops snowing at night when the temps drops and starts up again in the early morning. It looks unbelievably beautiful when everything is dressed in pretty white new snow. It lights up the day and the dusk gets this unmistakably blue hue which is absolutely magical.

We got a vacation post card from Heidi, my sister in law and her bf who have spent Christmas holiday on Zanzibar.  They've had the time of their lives, going on safaris watching lions and whatnot. She lists up a bunch of things they've done and ends it with blah, blah and blah. No wonder I love this gal =D I so wish it was me who got to spend Christmas on a tropical island. I hope I get the chance to do so at least once in my life. 

Sunday, when we got back from the mountain, I took the dogs for a walk in the woods at dusk, just when the day's hue goes from ordinary daylight, to blue, to black. It had cleared up and the night sky lit up with billions of bright stars. Just the dogs and I, nobody else around, all the sounds becomes soft and muted when you walk in the woods freshly covered in snow. I felt like I was walking inside a fairytale.

I wish I could say it energized me, but alas, I'm utterly burnt out. Maybe it's the winter blues. Maybe it's the price for overdoing things during Christmas holiday that's being cashed in. Maybe it's the cold seeping into my joints and muscles making me ache all day and all night. Maybe it's just because.

I know a large part is due to me lapsing and setting myself back to starting point with quitting smoking. Dang it! I'm so mad at myself for this I want to puke. Hubby's doing better than me, at least I think so. I don't know how many cigarettes he's had since we decided to quit, but he doesn't smoke at home as far as I can see and he says he sleeps a lot better - he actually snores a lot less, so that's fantastic. We are both quite determined to quit for realz this time.

I'm so proud of my daughter. She's been on antidepressant for a while now, a couple of months ago, they increased her dosage, causing her to sweat in buckets and break out in zits. What does she do? She accepts it and goes on. She worked almost every day, even some Sundays these past few months, no matter how bad she's felt and no matter how little sleep she's gotten. She is such a fighter! She's been more under the weather than usual lately and got a doctor's appointment for last week. She agreed to an extra long wait, so she could see her regular doctor and not some stranger. When she showed up for her app, turned out they'd messed up and she was given a complete stranger. She broke down there and then. They took some blood tests and sent her home telling her it wasn't mono, or pneumonia. Stupid peeps! 

She's got a new app later this month.  In the meantime she keeps on going on. She goes to work and she hangs in there. Is it any wonder I'm so proud of her?!?  ...and also worried sick! I told her she needed to make them take a new extended blood test for Mycoplasma pneumonia. It's a nasty, little sneaky bugger that completely drains you of all energy, at the same time you don't really feel all that sick, perhaps just having a cold that sort of hangs on. Of course, it may be just me being a neurotic mom, I know. Actually there is no maybe about it, but (there is always a but in there with these things, aren't there?)both hubby and I have had it and it took a long time before the docs found out as they don't normally do these tests unless you make them....Cross your fingers. She could need some strong happy thoughts ;-)

To end this on a happier note, yesterday Vera came for a play visit. She is sooo cute! And feisty. She was not in the least frightened of Georg. She even jumped his face to play fight him. We had to restrain Georg as he is still just a stupid pup himself and we were worried he'd club her with a paw out of pure uninhibited joy, or accidentally step on her. Hubby took him for a walk while Vera and Laika got to socialize. Laika is the grumpy old aunt, but she soon gave in to Vera's charm and the play fight was on. Vera raced her to anything and everything, spinning across the floor to get to the water bowl first, or to the chewing bone first. She was quite the sight balancing Georg's extra large chewing bone. It was as big as she was, but she still managed to carry it - sort of - and she looked mighty pleased with herself laying down on the big dog bed all alone with her new treasure. She will be such a character, I love her already!


  1. Wow! Long post and lots of stuffs! :)

    I know you'll kick the smoking habit! I believe in ya!

  2. My daughter saw her doc today. She'll be using sleeping pills for a while. Not fun, but it beats not getting enough sleep on top of depressions and anxiety. Poor baby, I wish I could take all of her boo's away =/