Friday, January 13, 2012

No Spend Challenge report and a short update

I joined this with the gang. Goal is to reduce spending money on things that you don't really need. To make ourselves more aware and alert on what we spend our money on and how we spend it.

Week 1
1/1: groceries
1/2: Bills
1/3: Zero
1/4: Dog food
1/5: zero
1/6: groceries++(double as runar and I went to the cabin, while Simen stayed home)
1/7: zero
1/8: gas

Week 2
1/9:   gym mattress for the dogs and car repair bill - the car repairs has killed my budget =(
1/10: groceries
1/11: zero
1/12: two small chocolates for meself for watching my new favorite scandinavian TV series "Broen" (The Bridge - not based on the Canadian series)
1/13: dog food+groceries (double of some as we're heading for the cabin, but we can't afford to buy any special treats foodwise. And a bottle of JD(it's not bought yet, but we decided on buying one when driving up)

I'm predicting that tomorrow will be a zero spending day and Sunday there will be some gas needed.

My dad experienced a setback health wise this week. He's been dealing with dizziness and earlier this week he suddenly fell over out cold. They've changed his meds and the dosage on the meds he's still on. He's not feeling well, yet. Cross your fingers and if you pray, pls pray he'll recover and be his ole self again soon. 

Georg seemed to have finished with his jerk-ass tantrums and limit-testing last week. This week he's been a dream and such a good boy. I'm not complaining about the limit testing and the 'neener neener I'm not coming and you can't catch me' behaviour of his, because it just shows that he completely trusts us and his new home and feel safe enough to be an ass :P Let me tell yah, wrestling a big Bernard boy trying to see if he's able to psych you out (it is quite obvious he has been able to do so in his previous home) is a challenge physically, but at the same time I can't help but chuckle His jerk-ass face is TEH cutest!

Have a fantabulous weekend, ya'll and Court, hope your BDay turns out to be as fun as predicted =)

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