Friday, June 15, 2012

New batteries? Yes, please! - Updated

 Warning! Feel free to ignore

3 hours last night, 2 hours this night. I'm Sleep painting.

But!!!! The walls upstairs are painted. Huzzah!

My MIL helped paint. Loooong day. I worked an hour before she came, then we painted for 8 hours, then I had a break to mow the lawn. After that I spent about 3 hours washing window sills and trimmings. Removing old tape bits and glue almost killed me. No more tape for Christmas decorations, etc in this house, fer sure! Also, pen strokes on white concrete walls are nothing! Pensils, though, ai, ai, ai. It is a nightmare to get off!

I finished 10:30 pm. Soooo tired, I collapsed in bed dead certain I would fall asleep immediately. Man, was I wrong!  Last time I checked the time it was nearly 4 am. Stupid aches and insomnia >.<

Just need my body to hold together one more day, then I can enter zombie state for the weekend. All I plan to do this weekend is get the furniture, etc back in their right place, give Georg a thorough bath and grooming, then the rest of the time I plan to...


Tuesday I'm taking Georg to the Vet to get his ears checked. The poor dog is nearly deaf.

Have a great weekend, folks!


Job is done


  1. Aw, honey! It sucks that you had to push yourself that hard. Get some rest and don't do much for a day or so :-(

    And kiss that puppy of yours

  2. Thanks. It is done. JUBILATIONS! And I slept like a log. I'm human again today, albeit a somewhat stiff one :P