Monday, June 4, 2012

What a weekend of surfing internet does to your brain

This has been a wonderfully unproductive weekend. I could have done a lot, but didn't. I walked Georg, did some minor gardening stuff and was happily lazy the rest of the time.

It started off with my daughter posting a funny photo on fb

   It doesn't really need translation,

continued with me forgetting to buy coffee - this didn't really matter as I had remembered to buy instant coffee (No, Runar, or anyone else, I can not explain the logic of that),

and ended with everybody's plans failing epically because of sleep.

  1. Hubby's plans for Friday failed because he fell asleep.
  2. Hubby's plans for Saturday failed because he fell asleep. 
  3. Hubby's plans for Sunday failed because I fell asleep - what can I say, all this lazying about made me tired. 

All together this weekend should have left us miserably disappointed and royally pissed off, but it didn't. We both woke up happy this morning, agreeing on making next weekend just ours and then commenced with our usual everyday morning rituals. This is probably a solid proof of us getting old more than anything else, but I refuse to see it only as that. I choose to see it as proof of something else. Something awesome. I just haven't figured out what yet.

Hubby's been working all weekend. I think it is his 4th or 5th weekend of working - one month nonstop work. Sunday he spent first part chopping wood with Simen and the second part at work. Poor guy, if he doesn't get next weekend completely off work, he'll turn into robot-Runar. Nobody wants that, not even his job would. Robot-Runar is a complete douche bag. We all agree on that. Including Runar.

Oy! I'm seriously getting off on a tangent here.

As I was so busy doing nothing this weekend, I got to read up on my bloglist. I follow some darn good blogs. They give me just the right mix of rambling
(such as Countess' weekend blog), 

useful information
(such as Dark Shadow being ditched and my cousin's film being nominated for "NRK Filmpolitiets kortfilmpris" = NRK(National TV channel) film police's shortfilm prize It's a good one, I think; here ya go movie ) 

and nonsensical funness
(such as (Her blog is such an inspirational read on a regular basis, it is a must-read for worn souls,(should it be a comma here, or not?) out there).

You know, that kind of blogs. IMPORTANT stuff!

(I know I ace[sarcasm] at run-on sentences, deal with it!)

Random internet surfing and blog reading give you enough entertainment for a whole lifetime. I highly recommend it to stressed out people everywhere. But, too much time spent on it is not good for you. A weekend is really more than enough. Much more than that and your braincells will start dying from all the involuntary-funny-sensors short circuiting incessantly and all the time. The frontal laps will collide from all the craziness and there will be a gangrene outbreak in your hypotenuse from too much laughing...or crying. It goes both ways. That is the true brilliance of internet. It works every which way.

I also stumble across blogs that makes me question myself - those are most treasured btw, and some that just fills me with great awe and joy. Joyful, because parents' announcement of their children's more or less mundane merits really are a source of joy, and awing, because true art, in any form, always is.

I read Neil Gaiman's Journal  and loved that Commencement speech of his and I loved the cartoon based on it. I am so taking Neil up on some of those advice. From now on, I'll pretend to be someone wise and just behave like they would. 

I don't know if it is just me thinking this, but I wonder if that person who was going to do an audiobook reading of her book, that he was referring to in his speech, advising her to pretend she was someone who could, was Jenny Lawson , because it kind of adds up, you know...doesn't it?

Also, things are starting to grow in my garden. Besides weeds - I think. Truthfully, I have no idea what the things that are growing in my flowerbeds are, but I am hoping for something flowery and not just more weeds. I have a terrible time figuring out what is weed and what isn't. Isn't it difficult? Last year my mother in law and my mother gave me a lot of trouble for saving something that they both loudly argued was WEED, but that I refused to remove, because they grew exactly where I sowed a bunch of seeds that said 'Summer flowers' on the bag. They were a yellow sort of flowers, it turned out. Rather tall and not particularly pretty. I still have no idea if they are officially reckoned as weed or not, but they're here this year as well...It may also be proof of why there are so much weed in my garden. I need stronger poison. Or knowledge. Likely a combo of both would be best.

Oh, and that part about me pretending to be someone wise, I meant from now on, just sayin'

...from now on.

Update: I forgot to mention that I've also spent the weekend reading. I'm almost done with Selso Xisto's Particle Horizon. A Sci-fi space opera. If nothing goes wrong, I'll have a review up by tomorrow. If you hurry up, you can get Particle Horizon for free.


  1. Good ramble. ;) In a couple of days, I'll be taking a long trip. I may not be online for 3 weeks. :O

    See you when I get back.

  2. Have a great trip. 3 weeks of no internet, ouch, that's harsh. Still a trip is a trip and higher up on the list than internet for me.