Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chimney Fire, hot firemen and how I almost likely saved the world

Saturday we had a chimney fire. Not the good kind of fire, where you light up and sit and watch the fire tongues and hear the crackling logs, but the scary type where you have to call the fire station and ask for help.
hot hot hot

I woke up Saturday and there was this odd smell in the house. To tell you the truth, it friggin' stank! It was like a bunch of Frost Giants had camped in our house frying hotdogs made of iron ore rock on melted lava.

The Chimney sweeper had been here Wednesday and cleaned out our chimney. I thought all was well. I figured the stench came from us removing the ash from the chimney hatch was the cause.

I had bought the Hobbit DVD. Simen and I had been waiting for this movie and he was just as excited as I was to watch it. Simen jumped out of bed, but claimed the right to wear PJs all day as he was too worn out to dress. I didn't bother to argue. Hubby saw this as a cue to get back to bed and I told him that was a good idea, because I didn't want him to ruin the movie by his negative comments about hobbits, trolls and wargs not existing.

When we were about half way into the movie the stench had gotten a lot worse and when I checked the chimney it was too hot to touch. I told the sleeping hubby I was calling the fire station to ask them for advice. He mumbled something, I took it as a solid Y.E.S. The fireman asked a bunch of questions and I told him that no, there were no flames coming out of the chimney, just a really bad stink and the chimney being hot as hell. He said he'd send up to check. I warned the hubby and he reluctantly got up and got semi dressed, as in he put  on jeans, but couldn't be bothered to button them up. Simen hid in his room as he was still refusing to wear anything but PJs.

Georg offering a slobbering hug
A young hotlooking firemen came and checked, called someone and then informed us that a firetruck was on it's way. While he was walking up the stairs, Georg stood drooling on top of the stairs ready to greet this stranger. Most of the colour in the young fireman's face drained in a second. I told him that Georg wasn't dangerous, only big. Oddly enough, he didn't seem to agree....

Looking like shite and stinking as if we're smoking dirty socks
Minutes later a huge red firetruck pulled into our driveway with hot looking firemen in full "armour" grinning like crazy, while I stood on the steps hiding my face in embarrassment thinking about what the neighbours would be gossiping about now. I was also worried about the messy house, that I hadn't had the energy to clean this weekend, due to fever. I was certain they'd think we has smoked dirty socks, because I swear it stank that bad!

The firemen were great. They saved the chimney, the house and the day!

Sunday, Simen spent puking his guts out - either from a stomach bug, or exhaustion or a combo of both. I was in a coma on the couch as the fever refused to let go and hubby had to go to his parents for dinner.

Seriously, I'm willing to swap bodies with anybody. So sick of being sick
 He found that enormously unfair, as he hates dinnerparties and said he wished he was sick and could stay home like us. I said I'd gladly swap bodies and that actually I was so ready to swap bodies, I would have run after and abducted an alien and swapped bodies with it, if hubby would just find me one. He told me I was a sick, sick person. I agreed. He then went and bought popcorn and coke to us, so I knew he loved us and told him so. He said it was because he was afraid I'd go alien hunting and that I'd likely molest a completely innocent and nice non-alien person, because I had that desperate glint in my eyes and he wanted to save the rest of the world from me by making me just stay at home. I told him that if I'd go alien hunting I'd probably find one and I would most definitely try to persuade it to swap bodies with me and that it would probably be so scared it would not only leave earth with all it's mates, it would put up warning signs to let other alien species know they had better leave planet earth alone, because there were dangerous women on it. He told me to go to sleep and stop talking...

PS! I couldn't find any pictures on Google to go with my post, so I had to make them myself. I only have Paint and an ordinary mouse pad.

PPS! Ugly art is also art. Just sayin'...


  1. "hot looking fireman"

    Was it the fire, or was he really that good-looking?

  2. The pun was intended. They were that good-looking :p

  3. Love the drawing of Georg! But I would probably be scared too if there was a big St. Bernard on top of the stairs and I’m about to climb said stairs. :)

    So what was the cause of the chimney fire? Was there something actually burning somewhere inside? And how did the chimney cleaner miss that? Weird.