Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The bitchy knitter blog

My favorite thing to do when I've been away from civilization and internet for a while, is to check out the traffic source and the various search keywords leading to my blog. Since I'm slightly drunk and unable to sleep, I feel a need to share this with you.

This week's winner is:
  •   "The bitchy knitter blog" A title I can live with. With my slightly drunk, insomniac perspective, I can live with this proudly, even. Yes, I can!

A potential runner up is
  • "Cartoon wash face for children" (WTF?). This brings all sorts of confusing images into my silly brain. Problem is, I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, so it gets to share place with another potential runner-up

Which is
  •  "Does living in the cold north make y...", Now, this really intrigues me, since the last part is simply missing.It immediately gets my imagination working in high gear. Makes you? Makes you what? Makes you grow green, see-through wings while singing Kum ba yah? In harmony? The possibilities are limitless. 
There are some that are more or less regular, week after week. Variations of "Sexy housework" for instance, I've blogged about it before Kitchen porn  All things regular becomes boring very quickly. To those who are still dreaming of me doing sexy housework, give it up, already. And that goes for you too, husband, dearest. I. Will. Never. Do. Housework. Nekkid. 

What are some of your more interesting and/or funny search keywords?

PS! The "Most popular blogs" feature is TEH biggest lie on my blog. It is completely and utterly a victim of Spambots. And I only realized it just now...

PPS! Georg is now officially and for all time from here till the end of time; HERO DOG! Holy smokes, I love that dog so much, regardless of his excessive drooling, shedding of hairs and general wussiness. I'll get a proper Easter blog with pictures and why Georg is HERO DOG finished and posted within the next few days.  


  1. You probably see me, cyberstalking you, visiting your blog like 700 times a day. iPhones are cool, but they make me look way creepier than I am. . .

  2. Nope, I don't. Perhaps it's to do with privacy, or something else, dunno, because I'm no expert on these things. Besides, I visit all of yours more than once a day, particularly days I'm busy. I will need about 3 visits before I've read through a single blog, due to interruptions, etc.

  3. I had some Christian commenting on my blog the other day.

    My first instinct was...mom?

    Good gods I hope not.

    That's a talk I.DO.NOT.NEED.TO.HAVE.

    They seemed to be very concerned about pre-marital sex. 0_o

  4. Yikes! Oh, that would freak me out.