Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A break

...from the internet. There are a lot of things going on in my real life and I need to focus my energy on taking care of my family.

Things are fine, I just don't have much extra energy these days. I'm not going to say I will go offline, I'm just saying I won't be blogging regularly and I won't be as active on forums, blogs, facebook, etc.

Today Sue and Rick is coming. I'm picking them up at the airport tonight and will drive them up to the farm at Vintland. They'll be staying for about two weeks. I'm sure there will be pictures posted at some point or other.

Marianne has discovered the joy of pillows. We'll be practicing enjoying sofa-life and watching netflix, when not busy with other things.

She got her 3 months-vaccine, yesterday. The vet confirmed what we already know; Marianne is a perfect and healthy pup with the cutest face ever.

Yes, I finally got around to ordering netflix and Helene helped me to access the American netflix. I get to catch up on my favorite shows. Like Dr Who. *beams*


  1. Good to hear from you.

    Love the Doctor. We'll be adding it to our video collections when the year turns.

  2. It will be interesting with the new Doctor. I have started with Tennant. Even though I have watch many of those episodes, there are holes, because the show was on at such hopelessly late hours, over here.

  3. have fun with your netxflix binging. watch House of Cards, if you get an opportunity. Kevin Spacey is a rockstar!

    Miss you and hope you enjoy your internet sabbatical!

  4. I'm now completely caught up on DW. Yay!

    Being busy with a baby is why I've been ignoring blogs. I'll be fixing that. Getting all caught up on reading this weekend and then I'll post a much needed update.