Thursday, January 30, 2014


It's been a while. The cold just does not abide with me.  It has snowed more or less nonstop going on the third week.

While we're drowning in snow, they struggle to put out the out of control wildfire up in the midsection of the country. Due to gale winds, they can't use helicopters and the fire speeDs too fast.

In another part of the country, they are dealing with the aftermath of a flood wave that hit a town after a piece of a mountain fell into a fjord.

I notice you guys in the south are getting your share of it as well. My mom in Ohio is reporting temps down to minus 22 F. The season of crazy weather is not yet over.

Can't we just fastforward to spring?

Oh, I can't seem to get access to my computer these days, as it keeps functioning as hubby's work computer...

Sendt fra min HTC


  1. The new ice age is progressing well, unless you look at Alaska. They are enjoying an unusually dry and warm winter. I'm praying for you, because this winter has been rough. We are unaccustomed to ice on the roads and so many nights below freezing. I tell people that if they insist on making fun of our winter reactions, they should be forced to work outside in one of our summers.

    I am so thankful that the people who own this trailer finished the skirting before the cold hit. Our pipes would not have survived.

  2. We finally got some winter today. But its already starting to melt off :-(

  3. I don't think it's any new ice age, I just think periods of crazy weather happens and probably will happen again, but I do agree that this winter has been tough on a lot of people. We had unusual warm weather up until New Year, then old man winter decided to give us all of winter in one month. I can't even imagine the chaos such a freeze creates for you guys who aren't used to it.

    I wish I could give you half of our snow, Lorin, but if forecasts are correct, we'll be getting rain next week. That spells ice and water on ice. Fun - not.

    Anywho, we're heading up to the farm. It is buried under tons of snow and we need to dig it out

  4. And now we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Yay! I don't get enough snow to hate it yet.

  5. Heh! We've had mostly rain this last week, so the huge snow banks and mounds have shrunk. It came as snow up at Vintland, though, but from yesterday afternoon and today only rain up there as well