Friday, December 2, 2016

It lives

...and so do I. Hello, how are you?

2016, what can we say about 206? If I was to describe it with one word, it'd be INSANE.

I went through a lot this year. I lost my dad. Fought a lot of old skeletons hiding in my closet. Illness. I'll blog about that another day.

Hubby got a new job and a new hobby/job/fun this year. He and two buddies started a fishing project. None of them had any extra money, but they are capable men and know how to fix machines and motors, etc. They used last winter to get all the official, necessary paperwork in order - there is a lot of applications and forms to fill out if you want to become something so traditional and old fashion as a fisherman. Who'd have thunk? Then worked day and night late spring/early summer fixing up two old boats registered as fishing boats and two even older outboard engines and by early July they were in business.

Salmon farming is a big business over here, but they have problems with salmon lice. Instead of using toxic remedies to get rid of the lice issues, they use smaller fish that feed on lice. This is where hubby and buddies join the circus. They fish what we call "lip-fish" here's a wiki link Lip fish They live around the coast down here in plenty. And they sell them to the Salmon farmers up north.

 The season for lip fishing is very short and they more or less worked around the clock, combining the fishing with ordinary daytime jobs.  They got lots of fish, but they got lots of issues as well. Engine problems. Boats sinking. Rescued by coast guard. First page news. Three became two... the funness goes on and on

Actually they slimmed down and muscled up quite nicely...I should start calling him my beefcake hubby...snortgiggle, no...uhm, where was I? Right, fishy business. This fall they turned our old blue and white recreational boat into a functioning fishing boat for cray fish. You can fish cray fish all year round and you can sell to restaurants, etc. 

The buddies knows NOTHING about cray fish. The ones they have caught so far have been let out to sea, or been given us wives as frustration-bandaid for never being around to help us anymore.

The fishing business is a learning process, but it sure is fun to experience. From a safe distance.

Have a fantabulous weekend 


  1. Slim hubby! Yes ma'am!

    I was just telling Gary about the fishing business, he is 102% onboard to move and work for your husband. I'll sing, he'll fish. Life is good