Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Messing up...

Sometimes I wonder what it is that makes us so inclined to complicate things for ourselves… well maybe there are some who have it all set for them and go through life without getting a single scar. I do not belong to that group…I have a talent of adding extra work to my load, I seem to have an even greater talent of misinterpreting and misunderstanding things …sounds familiar? I doubt I’m the only one…I’m really not that unique XP

Being sleep depraved and aching with arthritis fever coming and going doesn’t make things any clearer and Friday I really messed up bad >_<

...so what does mrs featherhead do…oh ya, expects the worst and lying awake for hours dreading a major argument the next day.

…and what usually happens to those expecting bad shite, yup it pours down in buckets <_<;

Which it did! I woke up with knotted muscles, barely able to crawl out of bed. And I think I managed to stir up and create the argument almost singlehandedly, and wasted a whole day that ought to have been a good day with being furious for someone accusing me of ruining somebody’s free evening…and it seems that it was my own fears and imagination doing most of the work.

…I still have trouble understanding how ‘I’m depressed, you messed up last night’ translates into ‘I’m sorry I didn’t handle things better last night’ – apparently something to do with female/male brains *roll eyes* but I do know that I certainly didn’t give him a fair chance to explain himself…until late afternoon – and then only after him having to do several summarizes of our discussion/argument because I was so darned tired I couldn’t focus long enough to end my own sentences…

Of course I apologized, he forgave, we worked it out and all is well, but I still feel like such a turd! Y_Y It is scary when my mind is so mushy from lack of sleep I’m not only off track, but in a whole other continent. Fibro and rheumatism sux bigtime!

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