Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas cleaning journal’s that time again <_<

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas! I just hate the cleaning hysteria that comes before Y__Y *sighs*

Ok, first off – roofs; walls; screw them to the seventh lower hell, I’m skipping those this year! If my mother or mother-in-law should be so lucky to spill something on my wall and detect a slight(!) change of colouring after wiping it off – so be it! >.<

Second – how to get enough space to room everybody coming without them having to draw a number to get in line to be allowed to move at all…

My husband had this genius idea this year.

‘Let’s get rid off those old sideboards/counter that you inherited, let’s throw them up to the cabin!’

That’s not a half-bad idea mind you…just that I had to get rid of 13! Years of rubbish that I’d stuffed inside them to the point of bursting with stuff you can’t throw away, don’t need, but really have no place for.

I’m almost done now; it’s taken me days….shaddap! My dressers are huy-uuuge old solid oak wood monsters from the 19th century @_@ I’ve sorted through bills, receipts, warrants, pictures, drawings, address-books, passports, bank-notes, tools, shotgun/rifle-shells…wait! WTF!?! O_o …I know…don’t ask! And all your odds and ends that mysteriously breed in dressers. – Random fact: Counters, sideboards and closets are dust-collectors!

Of course there are still those odds and ends that you just can’t throw away – where to put all that now? I only have one dresser left in the living room, I can only get so much in that one… *groans* only one solution, sorting through and emptying out son’s closets.(Santa, in case you’re reading this; I need bookshelves for my living room and closets for the master bedroom) Oy vey! U__U another day of sneezing, sorting, throwing away and then stuffing odds and ends in one closet, clothes etc in the other – random fact: Books are heavy!

Ok, I can start on the cleaning part, my back is already protesting wildly!

Main floor:

- Windows indoor, done!

- Windows outdoor will have to wait for the storm to pass <_<

- Tidying, done!

- Dusting, etc, done!

- Vacuuming, done!

- Washing floors, stairs etc, done!


- Made da teenage daughter do that floor XD – Huzzah! for mom-powah!!!

Finally, it’s time for doing the Christmas decoration ^__^ O’ joy! Well, not the tree – the tree will be shot! –I kid you not @_@ my husband decided last year that Christmas trees should be shot, not cut – it became an immediate success and is now the traditional way of getting a tree and is to be executed sometime between December 20th and 23rd when it is to be decorated!

…my muscles in my arms, back, shoulders and neck are threatening to go on strike, my immune system thinks it is fighting a lethal attack by the killer-dust-bunnies from outer-space, my ears are about to start bleeding from getting BLASTED by Trans-Siberian Orchestra thundering out from my 3 foot 9 tall loudspeakers all day, my brain went into overdrive and killed itself a few hours ago.

Yes! I’m ready. Come all ye faithful and all that.

Merry Christmas y’all

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