Monday, February 16, 2009

New book cases

Believe me, they changed my whole living room. Of course, getting rid of those huge heavy side boards and counters helped too... I have more space, my books are no longer in stacks all over the place and the shelves have glass doors and those spot lights on top, so now I have much more light at nights - up here in the cold north, good lighting is important during those long dark winter months ^__^

Only one major disaster - during the last round of clean up and throwing away, I managed to 'loose' all the important original documents and deeds concerning the mountain cabin Y_Y hubby is convinced I threw them out with the paper garbage. ...and since Murphy first decided to breath down my neck, the two latest sacks of papers that I filled he has delivered at the dumpster <_<

Oh well, I haven't lost all hope yet, the original deed was by itself...still missing though -rolleeyes- I need some kind of filing cabinet, since I no longer have any drawers...boxes simply won't do!

Classes have started, by the way, A Discourse of Linguistic Analysis is fascinating stuff indeed - highly academic and way too much fancy-nancy expressions to learn etc and so forth for my liking, but still interesting!

Sad part is that this means there isn't much time for recreational reading -sighs- I do have the joy of looking at my books in their new home, but I swear, they whisper to me: Read meeee, Cara! LOUDLY mmhmm! toasted toad's truth!

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