Monday, February 23, 2009


One night, two nights, three nights…staring at nothing, staring towards the ceiling, forcing eyes closed, tossing and turning. Focusing on not feeling anything – no pain, no stress, and no worries. Don’t think! Don’t think! Listening to the soft snoring from the others in the house and the not so soft snoring a few inches away, Lucky bastards! Lifting head, checking alarm clock. Sleepless nights are long.

First day, no problem, second day, meh, getting by alright, third day…things are starting to get confusing, concentrating becomes difficult, there are small black holes – memory lapses. Questions such as; did this happen today? Was it yesterday? Did it happen at all?

Fourth night is when things get crazy. Lack of sleep and energy spent on not feeling pain, finally wears down the body. And sleep, O’ blissful sleep - huzzah - comes around. And so do the dreams. The dreams… Maybe it’s the lack of sleep that sends the mind off to parallel universes and softens the time, blurs out the edges and makes the impossible oh so real…

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