Friday, March 6, 2009

Winter break

Two weeks without lectures, one week winter break and days spent up at the cabin - huzzah!

Weather changed and rain made much of the snow disappear, but it was still enough for Simen and I to try our cross country skis in the fields and down the hill XD spectacular falls and dives are fun to watch, my son has special talent I think XP!

There is no TV, no internet, although we have electric power and running water indoor, it's still wonderfully peaceful and quiet up there. It's been a week and a half of goodness^__^

Yesterday I had the experience of being locked up in the attic for 2-3 hours. The boys decided to be extra hardworking and took off into the woods even before I got up and 'accidentally' put on the lock to the attic door <_<

Yesterday afternoon we were supposed to get the recliners we ordered from Ikea, the chairs came, but not the right ones U_U They had ordered the wrong chairs - pretty amazing considering that we even sat in the chair to make sure she picked the right one, and I specifically asked her if she had ordered the CORRECT one - the recliners, not the ordinary chairs - she obviously had hidden talent that lady <_<
It's extra annoying because we have already paid for the darned chairs, and the price we did pay was the correct one! I spent an hour on the phone with Ikea this morning, hopefully we'll get the correct chairs one pretty day...

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