Friday, June 12, 2009

sleepless again

Being used

I was reserved at first, like so many are.

I might get hurt, so why bother,

reaching out or try feeling up to par?


My inner voice was loudly warning me.

Beware, do not get too involved,

not all those out there are nice, you see?


Some situations I really just avoid

The ones, you know,

that are too weird, too scary or get you annoyed?


In the end a few got through my walls.

I opened up, even cared,

can you believe I actually had the balls?


You may see me as open and kind.

Maybe a bit naive,

or perhaps you just think I’m blind?


When I accept and let someone inside

I don’t suddenly leave,

or did you actually think I’d run and hide?


When I call you a friend, there is no pretend.

No stabbing of backs,

Don’t you know, I’m a friend to the end?


I actually believed, it’s simply that plain.

I silenced my doubts,

but wasn’t I really just being used again?


I’m not regretting the time you stole,

I have integrity and grace

I just won’t help you out of your self-made hole.

May God have mercy on your soul.

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