Monday, August 17, 2009

That was it

Summer is officially over *sniff* It went by sooo fast, and half of it just rained away *sigh*

Crisp sunny fall days aren't all that bad either - the beautiful colors, the cold evenings sitting in front of the fireplace listening to the logs cracking

We did get to have two wonderful weeks up at the mountain cabin, we got some outer wall boards replaced and two coats of paint on the house, hubby got to play around with the Massey Ferguson, we got the fire wood taken care of.

I've enjoyed watching the neighbour's cows grazing in our fields. They are a mix of ordinary Norwegian milk-cows and Dutch Simmental, the ox, Ferdinand, is pure Simmental and Hy-uuuuuuuuuuge! And also very cuddly, he'll come up to the fence so I can scratch his ears etc. There were 4 new calves this summer and they are soooo cute XD. There is something very calming and satisfying watching cattle grazing, they all have their own personalities ^__^

I didn't get any redcurrant jello this year. the birds got them all before I had time to pick them <_< damned winged critters! The first week we spent up there, the berries weren't red yet, and when we got up this last week, they were all gone *poof*

We did get to have some yummi mountain trout dinners though XD some barbecued some fried (whole and filets) Yumm!

Well, now I just need to find a job...

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