Friday, August 21, 2009


Yesterday thunderstorms came rolling past all day, nothing unusual about that. Hail and rain in a wonderful mix, nothing unusual about that either. That last thunderstorm late in the evening however, was AWESOME!

Luckily it was out in the sea, so no power outages and no router/computer crashes XP.

It lasted for about half an hour and I swear, the whole night sky was lit up, like there were some alien firework celebration. Lightning that zigzagged the sky nonstop, bright silver threads crisscrossing the entire hemisphere. It was beautiful! XD

...of course I was too mesmerized and totally forgot I've gotten a new digital camera with video recorder option and sound <_<;;

It certainly reminded me that each season has it's own charm ^__^ Here's to weekends and amazing thunderstorms *cheers*


  1. Love a good thunderstorm!!

    Wish I was there.

  2. It had the sudden eerie silence before it broke loose,then lighting crisscrossing and after a while *wooosh* the gale hit the shore XD

  3. I know, it was awesome! We were out (at Bakgården) and it started raining something CRAZY. We all huddled up under the roof, into the wall, no one wanting to run through the rain to get inside, cause it was like a friggin shower had been turned on. The sky was just... @_@ I loved it.