Friday, November 20, 2009


New suit for hubby - check, new shirt - check, trim dog's fur - check.

Now I just have to pick up hubby at dentist, then drive him to the 'Christmas dinner' (-snicker-he has to make and hold a speech-snicker-) for his work, then home and get the packing, shopping, laundry+++ done, then go pick hubby up again and then THEN it's up to the cabin. ...yes, we'll get up there at around midnight, yes it'll be friggin' cold, but hey, after an hour of feeding the woodburner like crazy and then add a sheepskin and pillows in front of it, we can get down and groovy cause we're so young(!) we can do that XP

have a fantabulous weekend peeps!


  1. Yees, apart from hubby having a fever all weekend - still does - it was a good one. Saturday the neighbor came visiting with 4 dachs pups SOOOOO cute! will get pictures up on facebook. Also, hubby, dad and the neighbour went hunting aaaand dad shot a roe deer calf - big goat calf. One thigh roast for us, which means Christmas dinner is in box XD w00t w00t