Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It’s getting colder and my joints and muscles feel it. Wet and cold, my two least favorite words. There are plenty of good things with this season too, like the absolute bliss of sitting inside cozy and warm with a book, seeing and/or hearing the logs crackling, something in the glass. Nothing quite like it. Especially if the wind is howling around the corners and the rain hits the windows hard.

I had another meeting at the social security office, a new caseworker. I now know that I will go through work-training here in town. I got the distinct feeling that this lady, nice though she was, wanted to postpone it until after Christmas or even until spring. There is the issue with my health and the cold season, so she’s not doing anything to create difficulties just for the fun of it. She’s got some good reasons for wanting to wait. Just that it means that I really can’t look for jobs, nor get anywhere with my health insurance until next summer at the earliest.

Flue season is upon us. I qualify for the influenza shot, but my town ran out, have no idea when I will get one. Simen and I have been feeling under the weather since last week. Runar pulled out a wisdom tooth Friday, at least he now believes he’ll survive the hellish ordeal!

Oh, and we’re still smoking *kicks something*

…sometimes it’s just a little hard to keep my chin up and give the world the big happy smile

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  1. Blargh. I'm having one of those day too. I hope you feel better soon, both health- and moodwise.