Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend - yay?

This week at work I've made English subtitles for a film about Gustav Vigeland a famous Norwegian sculptor/painter. Fun! Next week I'll be in charge of the café, which is fun too, if it hadn't been for that scary coffee machine...I'm no barista. We've got to have the sweetest customers on earth, they swear they like the various coffee beverages I make, but I have a feeling they're all just being polite and that they're really crying inside.

Runar has been up at the farm all week and Wednesday, Helene left for London. It's amazing how peaceful and tidy the house has been without them around. Runar is trying to quit smoking. I must admit that the relief I felt when he told me he'd stay by himself working his withdrawals off at the farm, can't really be explained in words. He goes beyond psychotic. First day he broke the chainsaw... I know, a psychotic guy with nicotine withdrawals and a chainsaw - not the best combo, but believe me, it's way better than a psychotic guy with nicotine withdrawals and a family!

Simen and I are heading up there this afternoon, we're not quite certain whether we're looking forward to it or not

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