Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cow dance

I whole heartedly believed I'd get a cow in my lap this weekend. I mowed the grass up at the farm first time this year. The mower has one of those bags that collect all the cut grass and I throw it over the fence to the cows. I also had some old bread that I cut up to give them. When the leader cow noticed and recognized me, she did The happy dance kid you not! First she froze and perked her ears, then up went her tail and down went her head and she started skipping and jumping and running towards me. The image of our former dog running towards me in the same manner landing her front paws on my shoulders shot into my head and made my knees all wobbly...I was definitely glad there was a fence between us :P Even old Ferdinand, who's been in rut and in a foul mood these past weeks, mellowed enough for some snack and a pat. Laika, our present dog, developed a sudden love for pieces of dried bread - funny how those things work. It's fun to watch her and the cows sniffing each other out. Laika will touch nose with a cow and sniff a 'hullo' and the cows will sniff then blow air out loudly and Laika jumps back two steps and I can almost hear her going: 'OMG bad cow-breath, bad cow-breath!' This repeats itself a few times until Laika gets the shivers looking like she'll start gagging...yeah, there really isn't that much entertainment up there

Oh and we all survived the weekend. Da hubby hadn't quit smoking, only cut down a lot...

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  1. What a wonderful blog post. It made me smile the whole way through. :)