Monday, June 7, 2010


Another Monday, another week. The strike is over and hubby is back at work w00t! Sometimes I wonder how on earth I'll keep my sanity when we reach the age of retirement...

There were no cow-dances this weekend, instead I've been entertained by 6 baby rabbits roaming the grounds. They are barely old enough to be 'allowed out' (these are the kind of rabbits that roam free, mind you) Their mom are always nearby keeping a watch out, but the babies are learning to watch out for themselves too. It's hilarious to watch when one of them panics and runs in circle while the other five sits watching it with dumb expressions. Yesterday a little family of hares came visiting our fields, as the cows are in a different field these days, there are plenty of fresh juicy grass growing calling to and tempting the local wild life. Hares and domestic rabbits obviously don't mix well. The rabbits being the loosing part, they were gone in a blink of an eye.

The birds are frenetically busy with tending to their nests and chicks. There are swallows and wagtails nesting in the barn and the wagtails have been warring this cuckoo bird trying to invade their nests with her own egg. Cuckoo birds are sneaky that way - letting smaller birds do all the work with sitting on her egg and feeding her chick. I watched them battle thrice and luckily the wagtails won each time...sadly it didn't look like the larger parasite bird was going to give up any time soon, so one of the wagtail pairs will likely end up having a HUGE foster chick to feed and raise at the expense of their own chicks.

The world is such a cruel place sometimes...talking of which; I made my daughter change diapers on her little cousin today after he'd done 'big business' - she sees me as evil, I see me as smart - there is no better contraception -evil grin-


  1. HAHA! Awwww, what a nice, descriptive post. :) I would love to sit watching baby rabbits like that, they are sooo cuuute! And aw, poor wagtail couples fighting for their right to NOT have a foster-child. And you fighting for your right NOT to have a grandchild - yet. I seriously have not yet changed a single diaper in my life. I have a nephew and my best friend has a baby, but I still haven't done it. That's bad of me, I know. I should learn, so I can be of more help to them. But I NU WANNAAAA! *complain*

    Again, fun post to read. :) Thanks.

  2. ^__^ and we'll be sitting on the front steps drinking coffee, smoking a 'fat one' and all the problems in the world becomes distant and insubstantial.

    Kris, I've changed so many diapers, lost count years ago and I still NU WANNA! washing up sick, though