Monday, June 21, 2010


What is it with me and Mondays?!? Mondays and I simply don't mix well. Today started out fairly well, at least until I got up...

Satellite TV is not working. We got a new decoder from one of the companies and it arrived Friday last week. Simen and I got it out and up and checked that it received signals, alright. I called the company to get them to activate our card. So far all well. No TV Friday - no TV all weekend. I called the company again this morning and the help service dude made me check out a bunch of stuff - all worked fine. 3 hours later - NO TV, I called again - as I was told to do. Turns out that because there is a strong wind and because our satellite disc wiggles a bit, the signals goes away for perhaps half a second - which is enough for the company's automatic update service/activation service to start back from scratch...yeah...I don't see a solution today fer sure <_<. What really bugs me is that I know - I have made calls earlier and they simply opened up the access for all channels manually - no nonsense, things work! - they have an option that can bypass this activation shite thing...they are just being obnoxious and difficult -grr-. . .(and I can't seem to get the paragraphs to work...) .(insert paragraph) Hubby has to work late. He proclaimed loudly he would be home early and would get the trailer, which is full of garbage, to the dumpster. Well, obviously that's not going to happen and today is the only day the Dumpster is open late...I'll figure out something or other about this...another non-Monday day. . .(insert paragraph) . I have an electrical kitchen stove like this one


One of the plates has a 'turbo-heat' option that get the pots cooking in no this plate decided it would only work on half of it - the inner part - fit for a tiny pot. Forget the turbo option

Naturally I made beefcakes for dinner today and needed all the plates. I saved the dinner alright, but it did ruin my appetite, so what should have been a yummy dinner, didn't really taste good at all...

Oh...and the fridge - the new fridge and not the old one with a demonic imp living inside it, has started to make noise. Loud cranky protest-noises...I think the imp has come back v.v maybe it's jinxed the oven and the Satellite too..oy vey!

I am not going to complain about the cooker and the plate to hubby. He'll probably take a look at it and tell me something like: "You got a drop on the plate, it has safety precautions on this one - fool proof, even - it shut itself off to avoid burning you, the kids and the whole house up" kind of thing, which really sux much more than having an imp messing up your day with it's little surprises...

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