Friday, July 2, 2010


Summer is here whether we're ready for it or not, whether the weather is nice or not, it's here. It's certainly dry in my corner of the world, temps aren't too bad, but with the strong wind it's not particularly warm either. None of it really matters, though. Today hubby starts his 3-week vacation and we'll be heading up to the mountain farm in a few hours - wheee! I don't have any vacations this year, but since I'll be able to use the car and not the bus like I usually do, it won't really take me any longer driving from the cabin...besides it's only one day a week. pfft. hardly counts

As for plans...nah we don't really make plans, Motorhead will be playing at a rock festival nearby next Saturday and I'm hoping we'll get to go see our old senior rocker, Lemmy again =).

I will be without internet, so hope y'all enjoy your summer vacation.

I'll leave you a story I spun together yesterday about new beginnings


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