Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The daily walks

works out better than I feared, but yesterday's walk turned out a little shorter than planned. We met a moose... See there is this short cut road for bikers and pedestrians only that goes through the woods. It's a fairly steep hill and the road have a fence on the outside with rock/mountains on the other, but there are openings or slopes that animals use. It was late enough that I let Laika walk without a leash and she was a few meters ahead of me completely in her own sniffy world. I could hear sticks breaking and knew there was a big animal in the woods nearby, but usually they go away when people get close. This one didn't. It started stomping and as I got closer the stomping became more and more agrievated. The streetlight was out so I couldn't see anything. So what did I do? I called the dog back, turned and RAN!

I made it up to her today. We went hiking in the woods looking for hazel nuts and mushrooms. Only poisonous or uneatable mushrooms were found, but we did find a few nuts.


  1. Big animals dem there moose. Dangerous mofo's too.

    Truly something beautiful to see out in the wild though.

  2. Yes, truly. Even though they can be dangerous and I have the utmost respect for them, they are truly graceful animals when lurking in the woods. I will never forget that moose hunt where I sat on post with my dad. I was about 6 and my dad was smoking a pipe and had withdrawn a bit and told me to be look out. A hyuuge moose cow came walking past us out in the marsh and I was so mesmerized by her grace and soundless approach that I almost let her pass without notifying my dad. I did, though and he shot her.
    Her nose tore when they were pulling her out. 4 grown up men fell heads over heel backwards on top of each other. It's the most hilarious thing I've ever seen!