Thursday, September 30, 2010


two sweet young ladies from the municipal center for aid for chronically ill and disabled came by. My former mentor had called them and made an appointment for me.

I'll now be getting various gadgets which will make my everyday life a little easier. Huzzah! They also told me about this store that I can buy stuff from online - I'll be checking it out for sure! I wasn't even aware that there were things like these gadgets around.


  1. Apparently they have all kinds of helpful little thingies, but I will be getting a gadget that helps me open milk cartons and jars and a special pair of scissors...oh and handles for the jacuzzi (I've killed three showerheads because I've pulled myself up while grabbing it...)

    Ooh and some kind of table with wheels to bring cups, etc to the living room. I have a tendency to suddenly lose things from my hands and we have to buy new coffee service at least once a year because I keep losing and breaking cups

    I was up for a machine that lifts the entire mattress to sitting position, but we have a double mattress, so it won't work. Buying new mattresses is so expensive that we might as well buy an entire new bed instead...which won't happen as we bought a new one last year.
    They do lend out special chairs, but they became so popular that they changed the rules and now they only give them out to people in wheelchairs...

  2. I do have to check their website as well and give the ladies a call if I see something I find useful...