Friday, September 24, 2010


Today I'm taking Laika to the Vet to get her a manicure or whatever it's called. Laika doesn't play around much or run after sticks, so she doesn't wear her claws down like our former dog used to. Since I've started walking her along paved roads, I can tell they are bothering her. So yesterday I gave her a shower, because we want to be presentable when we go see the Vet...they'll get on my case for her weight as they always do, but at least she'll be clean and groomed. 
...well, I'll know she is cleaned and groomed, as it's pouring cats and dogs today and we'll be walking to the Vet, we'll look more like drowned cats when we get there.

I've done the Friday cleaning of the house and I'm having trouble typing now, but even though my body aches like hell, I feel good. I've accomplished what I wanted to do this week and that's not a bad feeling to start the weekend with.

We're going to Runar's brother tonight, dinner and wine.  I have no clue what we'll be eating, but I'm sure we'll have a good time. I told Runar I would be driving so he could have a drink. As it's his brother he should be able to relax enough to avoid getting over the top drunk, nasty and starting fights...and if not, I just don't care, it's his brother - they know him.

Simen is watching the girls tomorrow, which basically means that I'm watching them while he gets paid :P I don't mind, I love spending time with them. They're 4 and 5 now and they say the funniest things.They're old enough to enjoy 'quiet' stuff like beads, drawing and also playing cards, which is something I can do regardless of my physical shape. Cards are great for learning the numbers, adding and subtracting in a way that is fun and it is also a good opportunity to get the kids to tell  you how they're doing and what is going on in their life there and then.

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