Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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I've started with the walks. Even though I haven't been at it for long(since this weekend) I can feel the difference already - good motivator factor for keeping at it. I've finally mustered up the courage and energy to clear out of Helene's old room and yesterday Simen moved in. His old room still needs a lot of work, but we're getting there. Laika seems to think she's the one taking over his old room. I couldn't find her anywhere this morning, when I noticed that the door to his room was ajar. I looked in and who do you think was on the bed doing the You-can't-really-see-me-and-if-you-can-I'm-quite-dead-and-can't-hear-you act. I let her stay and she didn't come up until a few minutes before Simen came home from school.

Dogs must have an internal clock or something, because she seems to know quite well when Runar is coming home from work too. She'll settle near the door so she's ready to welcome him the second he opens it. - they have a daily greeting ritual thing going on. He'll get down on the floor with her and ask her if I've been mean and how much he pities her etc and so on. She'll be on her back looking sexy(or that is I'm assuming that wiggling on her back sneezing and making funny sounds is considered highly sexy in dog terms).

We took the boat out for a ride yesterday late afternoon/evening. A cold experience, but we had dressed warm and were prepared. It's amazing how much better the after-dinner-coffee tastes when you put it in a thermos and enjoy it on a boat or on a hike in the woods.

Laika is still not comfty in boats. By the looks she gave us during and after our trip yesterday she blames us for having robbed her of several years worth of life, at least.

Oh, and hubby seems to be over his round of bad mood grumpiness - for now at least - huzzah!

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