Friday, September 17, 2010

Here we go

The list thing.

10 bad things: 
  1. My health. I still have no formal diagnosis apart from fibro, which needless to say is doing more harm for my case than good.
  2. Smoking. I am still a smoker, it's pathetic, really. I should have quit when I was told about the asthma and chronic lung issues. Fact is I haven't quit yet - o' self discipline where art thou? 
  3. Working out. I'm not doing any exercising which I ought to. I'm aware that I can't do any proper work out stuff, but I can take walks and I need to get back into the routine of daily 30-60 min walks.
  4. All these issues with my health is wearing on my mental saneness, I'm getting depressed, yuck!
  5. Economy. As long as I'm in limbo state regarding the health care authorities, I'm getting only 60% of my former income. Needless to say that all our savings are being eaten up by regular expenses, which is a bad thing. And it's been like this since 2006.
  6. Hubby. I've been with this guy longer than I have lived without him. I love him, but he's a lot of work and he has the ability to drain my energy with breathtakingly speed at times.
  7. Daughter. She's moved out and thrives as a student with her own studio apartment, but I can't but wonder for how long? She has about as much economic sense as a grasshopper. It's non-existent. She is too lazy to do the dishes, she found out the other day, so she now only uses plastic kitchen wares, that she buys along with the instant dinners and dishes. Need I say more? And I can't nag on her too much about it, because the result of that is her refusing to stay in touch....and I most certainly couldn't handle that. 
  8. Daughter vs hubby. Things are still bad between them. I don't feel like touching this more than that.
  9. Son. He was caught smoking at school this spring. I have a nagging suspicion he's started up again, or is still smoking. I also think that last weekend, when we said 'No' to him visiting this girl back east, he went ahead and visited her regardless. I can't prove any of it and I haven't really confronted him about it either, because I don't know if it is just me being paranoid and a mother hen, and throwing wild accusations about isn't really a smart thing to do.
  10. House. I don't have the extra energy to get started on the things that needs doing. The living room needs a new coat of paint, the whole house needs a thorough scrubbing() and my daughters old room needs to be fixed up so that my son can take over hers and also so that we can use the wardrobes in his room for our clothes. I presently have half our clothes stacked on a table and in an extra laundry basket in our -too small- master bedroom, it's beyond frustrating. I could set hubby to doing all of this. Theoretically, that's a brilliant idea and I'm pretty sure he'll look me straight in the eyes and say: Yes, sure, when I get the time.... but I'm afraid, in reality, if they are to be done, ever, I'm the one who has to do them.
10 good things: 
  1. Health. Even though I'm still in a bad shape, I at least got some new remedy for my scalp psoriasis and I'm due back for a check up in November - he refused to give me a diagnosis though, which sucks a bit, but...
  2. Orchids. The giant Phalaenopsis orchid I got last November that I thought was dead, but just placed in the corner hidden behind another big plant and accidentally watered earlier this summer, sprouted new flowers a few weeks back. Fun!
  3. Given the fact I'm in bad shape and haven't been working out for ages and not even taken daily walks since last Christmas, I haven't really gained much weight...I've just gone softer in most places and things have started sagging, which is admittedly just as bad, but still...
  4. ...I've gained boobs! I have a cleavage -beams- and it feels grrreat!
  5. It's fall. Wasp season is over. Huzzah! I never did find the whereabouts of the hive, but I did get a disturbing pleasure of watching them die in that wasp trap. Oh, and Fizz was right, beer works much better than the highly expensive wasp-poison you buy in stores, they died in hundreds in my  cheap beer filled trap -evil grin-
  6. My mother's brain tumor seems to be stable and not lethal as such. They can operate on it if necessary, but as for now they'll let it be and just monitor it regularly. She is still playing the 'poor me I'm dying' act and drags her feet over the floor if there are anybody around she thinks she can get sympathy from, but that's just mom, she's always been that way. In my childhood home the 'red alert warning' sign never got up when my dad got a cold, it was when my mom got a cold everybody felt like going into hibernation in a dark far away place. 
  7. The Bearers of the Black Staff was in my mailbox last week, and I'm enjoying it a lot. I still have a few chapters left that I am sort of postponing reading just to draw out that goody feeling you get when you read a new book for the first time.
  8. I've reached the bottom of the laundry basket. For you who live alone, or for you without any kids, this might seem a bit odd, but if you don't live alone and do have kids, you'll know how incredibly difficult it is to get to the bottom of the pile of dirty clothes. I never would have believed how much of the pile belonged to my daughter if it wasn't for the fact that after she moved out, I am now in control of the laundry and not the other way around.
  9. Life. Life is good, regardless of how shitty it seems at times, it is basically all good and I consider myself rather lucky with a family who I love to death and a family that loves me back. 
  10. I made the darned list. Go me!


  1. Yay for your Phalaenopsis! They are quite resilient little buggers and you have to really really try to kill one. Leave em alone for a could of months and BANG! Throws a spray.

  2. ...yeah, I think I may have managed that feat with the other Phalaenopsis I have, I watered it before going for the cabin this weekend and all the flowers were sort of dead and the stem is turning yellow, so I guess I drowned it, maybe I should just hide that one and check on it after Christmas :P